Jul 252018

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Jul 202018

Staircase To Hooter Heaven Lily Valentine’s fantasy was to have sex while other people watched. That’s one of the reasons she became a SCORE Girl. “I love being looked at. It gives me such intense pleasure to be watched as a man makes strong, hard love to me, that I can’t even describe it in words,” she gushed. The gorgeous brunette Quebecoise from Montreal and her fuck buddy are snow-bound. They have a nice, cozy chalet to fuck in. She climbs the staircase at the chalet, a fuck kitten in a tight sweater and short skirt, stopping to self-lick her hangers. What a body! What a face! Wars were fought over women like her in olden times. They start on the staircase and work their way down Lily’s gorgeous body. “I like a man to spend a lot of time kissing and licking my tits,” says Lily. “Then when we fuck, we fuck hard and for a long time. I like to be dominated with a lot of good penetration and deep thrusting. He must fuck me a long time.” Lily’s large pussy flaps encircle his cock. Many have commented favorably about those big gyno-wings. “I need a man who can read me well and knows how to handle me,” said Lily. “If a man stops because he thinks I don’t like his fucking, he is making a mistake. I am assertive in bed so I need a man that is stronger than me. A man who will tell me what to do, hold my head to his cock, tell me to suck his balls hard, spank my ass hard when I am on top or he is behind me.” See More of Lily Valentine at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 182018

Ginormous Gazongas SCORE and Voluptuous Men need ginormous gazongas. This is what we want and seek out. Beverly Paige came to the rescue. Her ginormous knockers are exactly what we all start the day in search of. Beverly goes the extra mile in giving tit men breast satisfaction. At the top of a staircase, Beverly appears wearing an outrageously tight and short dress and high heels and begins her shake show. We call this bobble boob time. Her huge, all-natural breasts bob and bounce hands-free as she descends the stairs. Is this the alternate power source of the future? We believe in this possibility. Flexible and limber, Beverly doffs her heels and drops to the floor in a full-split. This kind of talent will prove indispensable when her date arrives. Astonishingly Beverly said that she’s met guys who are not into busty girls. “It is very surprising because I have been with guys who pay no attention to my boobs! I love getting my nipples played with and licked. I love it! I feel like, ‘Hello! I have these! Play with these!’ Guys just ignored them!” What’s wrong with these men? Fortunately, no such hang-ups with Beverly’s video match. His hands will add to her tit play. It is advised to stand back when Beverly’s knockers are released from the cloth prison of her brassiere and are free to hang. What follows is one of the most boob-focused videos in recent times, with lots of sucking and motor-boating leading to a hot suck job, tit-fucking, pussy-pounding and a hefty cream rinse for Beverly’s beautiful face. Some scientists claim that sperm is excellent for a woman’s skin. We agree with this evaluation. “I usually ask the guy where he wants to cum,” Beverly says. “On my tits, on my back, on my face. If he wants to cum in my mouth, if it tastes good, okay, I am cool with that.” See More of Beverly Paige at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 132018

Jolie Rain From Geek To Freak Jolie Rain is a hot I.T. girl from the T.I.T. Department. She’s a brainiac who knows everything about hardware. However, she’s not too keen on software. A girl like Jolie doesn’t like anything soft, especially dicks. It’s a miracle that Jolie agrees to fix fellow employee Jag’s computer. He’s a bumbling, sexist idiot who doubts Jolie’s skill, which pisses her off to no end. When it’s all said and done, Jolie fixes Jag’s computer. But the drama he created stirs up her hormones. She tells him off and then–surprise!–takes off her top to show him her deep cleavage in a tight bra. Then she shows him her big, natural tits, playing with her nipples as he watches in silence. Shockingly, she decides to drop to her knees to blow and tit-fuck him. Jag loses his sexist attitude as they get on the desk to fuck their brains out in as many positions as they can maneuver into. What kind of company is this? They have a great corporate culture! “I love it when employees can appreciate the I.T. department for all that they’re worth,” says Jolie. She’s no geek!See More of Jolie Rain at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 112018

Annie Swanson Makes An XXX-Rated Movie Annie Swanson decides to have a tits to the wall, one-on-one sex scene with porn pro Tony. Her agent sends her to an XXX-rated photo shoot. Heavy-chested young Annie pulls out all the stops and excels in cock licking and sucking, ball sucking, tit-wanking and pussy fucking. What a sex partner she turns out to be. Annie really enjoys getting a big slab of man-meat in this scene and relishes the man-juice he donates all over her world-class jugs. A certified V-mag Classic!See More of Annie Swanson at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 062018

Stacked & Serviced Anally Jasmine Black is a sexy cocktail server. “Can I get you anything else,” Jasmine asks her only customer Carlos. He immediately gropes her jugs, sucking her nipples while Jasmine strips. Yes, it’s that kind of restaurant where females are on the menu. Only in Europe would a restaurant like this exist. Nude, except for stockings, she bends over to suck his dick while he sits in the chair. Jasmine lies on a table so Carlos can hump her in a missionary position. The cock man goes from her pussy into her ass. He pulls out and Jasmine takes the cock straight into her mouth. Cock now dripping with her saliva, Jasmine gets back on the table so he can fuck her bubble butt. He pulls out again for her throat, then she turns around so he can dip into her tush-hole from behind. They repeat the double-dipping suck-cock, fuck-ass game. Beautiful. Jasmine kneels again to treat him to a tug job that makes him erupt on her pretty tits. She turns to the camera, smiling and rubbing the jizz into her chest. Yes, Jasmine knows that the cream of a man’s balls makes a girl’s tits grow.See More of Jasmine Black at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 042018

Annie Swanson & Lilith’s Nurse Threesome Annie Swanson takes a job as a nurse and finds that healing the sick and tending to their needs, such as washing their dicks and balls, performing prostate exams, giving them enemas and jerking out semen samples, brings her great satisfaction, especially if the patient is well enough to keep his dick hard. Annie has a special day because this particular patient with a head trauma doesn’t really need a functioning brain to give her a good shag. The excitement level goes through the roof when fellow V-Girl Lilith, another well-rounded nurse also in search of sperm samples, teams up with Annie for a nice three-way operation. In fact, the patient’s testosterone levels are high enough to service both of these big-titted, sweet-smelling delights. This is every male patient’s hospital fantasy. We’ve set up many busty threesomes over the years and this Annie Swanson-Lilith sex party ranks as one of the hottest and horniest. Just another day at Hooter Hospital. The patients are eager to get in. With nurses like Annie Swanson and Lilith, who needs to recover?See More of Annie Swanson at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!