Jul 292016

“Oh Yeah, Fuck Me In The Ass” “Today, I’m gonna get fucked in the ass because I like big cocks in my ass,” says Desiree in a close-up so tight you may be seeing what color Desiree’s eyes are for the first time after several years of just staring at her big natural tits. (They’re blue.) Designated dick donor Tony Rubino comes behind Desiree to bury his face in Desiree’s pliable, soft flesh-pillows (her left breast adorned by her trademark burning heart tattoo) and to suck her tawny boob-tips. Desiree grips his junk through his pants. She knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his fly. Desiree takes his prick out and immediately sticks it inside her deep cleavage so it doesn’t catch a cold. After building up rhythm banging her jugs, it’s time for Desiree to get to sucking and slurping. Rock hard now from her tits and tongue, Tony wants to get between Desiree’s hot legs and fill her pussy but no. Not yet. She wants it in her ass first. Just like an earlier time when it was butt first, pussy second. Desiree has become a booty-banged believer. A lubed finger in Desiree’s hind-hatch will prepare this delicate silo for the rectum rocket ready to launch. He slips it into Desiree’s ass and pumps, building up speed. “Oh yeah, just like that. Mmmm, oh, yeah. Fuck that shit,” moans Desiree, her boobs splaying and quivering from the motion of their bodies. Tony spreads Desiree’s snatch lips with his fingers and tickles her while he pistons her bum. Tony really wants to fuck that pussy and suggests it again. Now Desiree is ready for it, her anal need satisfied for the time being. Until the craving returns, and that will be soon.See More of Desiree at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 272016

Tapping The Tight Tops & Big Tits Girl Jewish porn star Daphne Rosen tries on tight tops and the effect is total hard-on producing. It’s hard to even believe that girls like Daphne exist in the flesh & blood world. But she’s real. Incredibly real. After Daphne teases, taunts and tantalizes in her tight titty tops, she’s brought to a house and fucked in the ass. She won’t let the stud jerk off on her and strokes his cock herself instead, milking his balls so she can get his nut on her huge boobs even though his jizz is not kosher. This is big tit porn for big tit porn’s sake. No story was needed. It’s true whack-off, go-to material. “I was sort of born for sex,” said Daphne. “I mean, fate dealt me a hand that I basically had no choice. My mouth is very, very talented. I can obviously do a great titty fuck. My pussy, I’ve heard, is absolutely amazing. My asshole, very accommodating. Both my holes are very tight at the beginning, and then inside, they apparently give the cock a real hug. Sometimes it’s hard to last with me.” Fate dealt Miss Rosen a great hand.See More of Daphne Rosen at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 222016

Selexia’s Lingerie Voyeur Fuck Fling Selexia Rae ordered sexy lingerie but the delivery never showed. She’s in the middle of speaking to customer service when her neighbor JMac shows up with her package. It was mistakenly delivered to his address by the stupid courier service. JMac notes the return envelope and sees where it came from. Selexia thanks him and closes the door, leaving him standing outside. But that won’t stop him. He’s too horny. He’s seen Selexia in a skin-tight dress and wants to see her change into her new purchase so he sneaks around to a window and watches her change. Selexia begins masturbating when she sees him, and walks over to the window. In a bizarre, peepshow style scene, Selexia presses her nipples against the glass, which JMac licks. Selexia sees JMac’s poker sticking out of his fly and invites him in to fuck her, a task he’s anxious to perform. She strokes his shaft as he kisses her boobs and neck. She gets into a kneeling stance and begins blowing him with her pierced tongue, sucking the balls and licking every inch, her head guided by his firm hand. He tells her to lie on the couch. He straddles her chest, cock between her breasts so she can suck it more and wrap her big tits around the shaft. Her pussy needs attention too. He pumps her in missionary while she quickly rubs her clit with her fingers. They save the hottest, fastest thrusting for a lap dance fuck, Selexia sitting on his lap. Reaching the point of no return, JMac gets up, positions Selexia on the floor in a kneeling pose and furiously beats off in her face. Her face and her flickering tongue is splattered as he busts his nut all over her lovely face. All this just for being a good neighbor. It pays to care about your community.See More of Selexia Rae at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 202016

“I’m Too Busty For My Top” Alix Lakehurst admires herself in the mirror. She has a great, succulent rack but like most women, she’s unsure of herself and can be needlessly insecure. Girls can be their own worst critics. They don’t admire their bodies like us guys admire them. Mr. Steele reassures her by giving her huge jugs the attention they deserve. They’re creamed and massaged which Alix enjoys because she’s extremely breast-oriented and breast-sensitive. After lavishing this care on her sweater-globes, he slips her the old meat roll. Her mouth wraps tightly around his hog, sucking the shaft in preparation for skewering her tight, pink cunt. Her reward for being a hot fuck is the gift of nut-juice on her tits, chock-full of creamy goodness for girls like Alix to rub into their skin. It’s a scientific fact that the chemicals in cum are good for a girl’s boobs. We swear it.See More of Alix Lakehurst at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 152016

Happy Hour Hooter Hottie You see her in 10,000 bars around the world. The super-sexy, busty and beautiful girl having a drink. She’s dressed in a little nothing designed to be a guy magnet. Perfect hair. Perfect make-up. Dylan Ryder is one such attraction. Why did you spill your drink down the front of her dress? To lure her back to your place with the promise of drying her off? Well, it worked. And the sex doll in the closet didn’t scare her off because Dylan’s a very erotically inclined girl and she enjoys having her tits felt up by strange guys. She’s the go-to girl for no-strings sex. Before long, she’s squeezing your cock through your boxers and ready to be fucked, telling you how good your dick tastes in her sweet, girly voice. Get ready to exert some energy because Dylan is depending on you for a hot fuck while her dress is drying. Bar pick-ups are not always this gorgeous. You’ve lucked out!See More of Dylan Ryder at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 132016

You’re Busted!! June Summers is one tough probation officer. One tough cop. She carries a badge and packs a big bra. Badge number 40-26-36. Someone has to protect society and June has dedicated her tits, mouth, pussy and ass to the cause. The busty redhead does not take any shit from the miscreants and perverts she has to keep an eye on. It’s a dirty job but June has the right tools for the job. In fact, her mind is dirtier than the slime she has to keep in line. That’s what happens in You’re BUSTED!! June checks up on one greasy low-life, making sure that he is obeying the law and staying a decent citizen. She’s ready to show him how she keeps her wards on the up and up. June also makes sure his shaft is on the up and up. Looks like this dirtbag is carrying a concealed weapon in his underwear. Who does he think he is? A politician? June’s going to have to check it out. Her experienced mouth, cleavage and tight cunt will serve that purpose. June Summers: Undercover Cop. The poster girl of cell block 34FF. There is no nightstick she cannot handle. Officer Summers deserves her own TV show!See More of June Summers at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 082016

Tits Of Tomorrow Carly Parker’s tits are poised and ready to bust out over the top of her bustier like a river at flood-level height about to spill over a levee. We are several years into the future and hookers have their own special apps to find clients, called a “John Finder.” Technology marches on so why can’t ladies of the evening or day also find new business with the latest in scientific miracles? Carly easily locates a fresh customer with her phone and meets him for a bit of the old in-out, in-out. They hook up and work out the menu. Titty-fucking, cock sucking and “vaginal intercourse.” This is what he asks Carly to sell him. What a polite guy John is. “Do you take credit cards?” he asks. “Of course!” Carly chirps. They go to one of Carly’s favorite no-tell motels, a futuristic fuck chamber where she begins to suck his dick. But no matter the advanced tech or the year, banging itself will never change because the old ways are still the best. There’s no app to replace sticking your dick in a warm cunt. Carly and all of her fellow hookers of tomorrow still know how to do the job the traditional way.See More of Carly Parker at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 062016

Topheavy Tailor Tugs & Tit-fucks Bailey Santanna is a sexy seamstress who doesn’t exist in the real world but she does in our universe. What a better place the world would be if we had more seamstresses like her. This customer gets more than his pants tailored. He gets his balls drained by Bailey’s talented hands and huge, natural jugs. Every girl has to start somewhere. “I was a stripper, and someone came in and gave me their card and said, ‘Do you wanna shoot for me?’ and I said, ‘You look like a phony,’ and he said, ‘Call my studio and my secretary will answer and you can look me up on the Internet.’ So I did. “He was just a private guy. Some rich guy. But he did have this whole big studio, and he shot a bunch of videos and photos of me for years and years. He did like 15,000 pictures of me, something crazy, but it was all for himself. I’ve been shooting for him for like 10 years now. I’m still shooting for him. It’s funny because my hard drive crashed, and I don’t have any pictures of me from 18 to 26, so I actually had to call him.”See More of Bailey Santanna at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

Jul 012016

Nurse Kianna Will Drain You Dry Now Nurse Kianna Dior enters your hospital room. She’s very comforting in her two piece nurse’s uniform with matching garters. It sure beats her curves covered by ugly scrubs. Her sexy voice is also very comforting. Maybe she can do what the doctors can’t do. “Hello, darling,” she purrs like a kitten in search of cream. “I hear you’re not feeling too well. Let me examine you.” This heavenly angel of mercy puts on a stethoscope and checks you out. “I don’t get too many patients like you. I’ll have to give you my special treatment. Would you like to try a special treatment?” What did you do to rate a nurse like this? Do you know someone? She checks your blood pressure with the cuff. She says it’s fine. Maybe she’s the reason your pressure has gone up. It seems like it’s skyrocketed since she walked into the room. “Maybe I’d better check your pressure somewhere else,” Kianna purrs. And when Kianna says that, she has one thing in mind only. She attaches the cuff to your balls and cock and pumps the bulb. “Seems okay, too,” she reports and lowers her head to suck the shaft. “Maybe I’d better show you my big tits too.” She removes the cuff and gets to healing with her talented mouth and tongue. No wonder she’s called the head nurse! No one can match her blow job treatment. She has the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. Sperm sampling is her specialty. This is only one part of the treatment on your road to recovery. Before you blow your load of hot jizz down her throat face-fucking her, move on to the next step. Fucking her tits and tight hole is another of her prescribed methods of treatment. Nurses are such good fucks and she is the best nurse in the building. You may want to consider moving into this hospital permanently or as long as she’s working there. Hospital heaven must be missing a deep throat angel. Make sure the doctor doesn’t release you too early. Your nurse will be back for another cum drainage by the time your nuts recuperate. See More of Kianna Dior at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!