Feb 202011

Beshine :
This week was a very special week for me.
Because as you know, this week i got bigger
boobs !! Yeah .. I had my fill up. Finally
many of you asked me about my size and
how many cc’s i had before this expansion.

Ok, here we go.. i had 8300cc’s in the right
site and 8000cc’s in the left one.
And now after my last boob fill up, I’m exactly
at 10.000cc’s in each boob
!! yippiiii )
that means, 2.000cc’s were filled into
the left boob
and 1.700cc’s into the right.


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Feb 202011

The bathtub set is a little daring for me  as you may know. I don’t view myself as  sexy so when I have to try to be, I think  I often come off a bit comical. But  let me know what you think cause I may  have some more water fun videos in the  future. Wendy.


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